Ch. DK*Namyslo's Mynthe

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Född 2017-02-28

Mynthe is a beautiful, kind and lovely girl, very feminine and cuddly. She was born in Denmark at Namyslo's cattery and Lone och Jan Namyslo brought her up and took her to her first shows. She moved here at the age of eight months and immediately found her sleeping place in my bed. 




S*Sidentassen Join the Catwalk

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Född 2019-04-30


Poppy is a little darling, a beautiful and cuddly girl with a strong mind. She  was born at S'Sidentassen Cattery in Sweden (Lotta Persson) and moved here when she was just a kitten. 





My Fantasy's Sweet Love (DE)

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Född 2014-04-18


Lovis was born and raised by Anja Grossman (My Fantasy's cattery) in Germany. She moved here when she was four years old in 2018-08-28. She is a lovely lady with a wonderful temper, a warm and sweethearted girl, who found herself at home immidiately. Lovis is now castrated.